Please note that this website is still under construction

We are Leigh Tucker Photography, new to the world of photography and currently building up my portfolio. I am based in Torbay, Devon usually out with members of the local photography club taking pictures and having fun in the process. My current themes seem to be nature, motorsport and some street photography. I have recently upgraded to a mirrorless digital camera after finding that the previous model did not do so well with darker days and night time shooting. I strive to get everything right in camera when shooting but it is sometime necessary to edit and so I am using the ON1 editing software.

I am hoping to improve my skills and share my journey with you here. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

I am now starting to build up my equipment and photo library in a effort to progress further with this new adventure that I have embarked on.

– Leigh

We would love to get your feedback on both the website and the content it contains – here’s to being friends. Cultivating new relationships with our followers is what this project is all about, and what will make the difference going forwards.

I can’t wait to hear from you: